My Labor Story

Eden came to the world earlier than expected. 

First reaction I was getting, shocked.

Then afraid.

Finally, 'oh my God, it's happening.. I'm finally meeting the little guy soon!'


We live in a world of social media that sometimes people may ask/state things which is insensitive to receivers.

I have encountered those incidents.

You may ask, 'if you knew that's a problem, then why are you still actively posting photos and stories about you?'

In a world which is dominated by social media, even if I may become 'offline', it's human nature people still talk about people. And besides, like any other sensible person, I only post things only what I feel comfortable with.


Eden was safely delivered on 7th July 2017 by scheduled cesarean. 

The doctor uttered  'Allahhhuakbar' and gave the final push. His first cry was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, that I broke down into tears.

From there on, I knew ' he was the tiniest thing I everdecided to put my whole life into' - Terri Guillemets

------------------ What to expect during cesarean operation and afterwords (based on my experience): 1. I was very wide awake for the whole duration. 2. The spinal injection to numb my nerve from my waist down was not as painful as I thought it would be.  3. The operation room is a very very cold place to be. (For infection prevention). My top part of my body was kept warm with a warm air blanket. 4. Even though I was numb, I could still feel the push and tug that the doctor were doing. It is an odd sensation.  5. Once Eden was out, the nurse straightaway got him to latch on to my nipple for his first milk sucking. (Hooray! He succeeded!) 6. Sewing me up after deliver took longer than labor itself. 7. After the numb wore off, the pain hit me like a brickwall with cold sweats constantly for a good 5 hours. (Oral painkillers could only do you for so little) 8. The surgical pain will only be noticably wears off after more than a week. But you still feel the unpleasent sensation when you press the affected area (this I have yet to know how long it will last) 9. The early week of breastfeeding, there may be an unpleasant spasm feeling at your uterus. (They somehow link together, our body works wonder to recover itself!) 'There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to give birth. It is important to plan, but leave room for the mystery and spontaneity that is birth. Whether it is raw, painful, primal experience, or one that is managed medically, birth is transformative: a human beingis entering the world' - Ryan Alexander-Tanner I would like to thank Nora, a Bruneian AMANI Birth Educator (Contact No: +673 880-0010) for providing knowledge and tips about labor. Important note, proper breathing technique is essential for both natural and caesarean labor!

I hope my story will provide you, readers a much clearer insight about this method of delivery.


A'da Rani