The closer I'll be getting to meet my mini boyfriend, the more nervous I'm getting. Will I be strong enough to go through labor? How will my husband and I be as parents? Will this miracle really change my priorities forever? No matter how much I've kept on reminding myself to be mentally set for anything, no human being can ever be prepared for the 'literally going through it' moments with a strong 'having the knowledge of'. -------------- Keeping things light in this post, I am now on my 8th months of pregnancy. I'm finally going through a nesting period. Definition Nesting: An instinct or urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for a new baby. Strongest in later weeks coming up in delivery. I've been browsing through baby stuff as early as my month 3 yet no strong initiative to get anything. But now, ho'boy, forest-themed baby everything, click and buy. Why forest? He is Eden which means 'garden of paradise'.

The way I can describe my feelings towards little Eden, is how beautiful the garden of paradise blooms.

A mother's love,

So this is what it feels like. x