Road to minimalism

The only way that I'll completely get rid of my stuff at my parents' place is to secretly get rid of them myself behind their backs. It is a cultural norm in our society to keep our belongings as much and as long as possible. The culture comes from the older generations where they kept hold of things as obtaining them were difficult back in the days. The habit then is carried forward to the next generation which is us.

We are so blessed that we can generally get anything we want of the same thing, either at a low/high end cost. And we often do item-upgrade and yet we still keep hold of older items due to sentimental value or 'sayang eh/ada bepakai karang tu' mindset. My family's home storage space gotten bigger over the last 10 years, just because we need more space to store stuff. I bet 80% of our belongings have never touched the daylight since they're all stored up. It is a struggle, letting objects go. Believe me, it was hard for me too, but slowly it has gotten a lot easier as the de-cluttering gives me more peace. 'Minimalism is not having less, It's about making room for what matters.'