Hope will find you in the end

There was a period in between that I wasn't putting too much hope to conceive a child of my own.

And it wasn't because I have had health complications. No, no.

It was the time that I had stopped hoping for a soulmate and if I live my life as a singleton, so be it. If I'm single, well, obviously, no baby will be popping out from me anytime soon!


I was very much single when I turned 26. I finally felt the freedom to self connect, focusing mainly on my wants and emotions.

I was a half-hippie , occasionally appreciating the finer things with short-term relationships over the course of 3 years.

Time passed by so quickly, yet I still felt empty.

I started to reassess my life again.

As much as I stopped trying to look for the One to settle down, I could never stop my heart what it had always been needing it.

Like my mum and dad, they have each other. Then they have us.

I need that. My own little family, mama Da, Mister Daddy and little mini us.


Within the course of one year, 2016, I'm thankful:

- Without any hesitation, got married to a great guy who have always believe we are meant for each other

- Without any mental preparation, I got pregnant soon after.

'It might take a year, it might take a day, but what's meant to be will always find its way'