You've changed my life.

I was never good at receiving surprises. Not even now.

My body felt severe fatigue for two days. The doctor wasn't too sure what caused it except stress, gave me some prescriptions and I took the two days off work.

The next following day, it happened again. I was confused, stressed and scared.

'What is wrong with me?'

I went back to the doctor again.

After a thorough check up, the doctor revealed something underneath the folded tissue on her table.

'Congratulations', the doctor smiled.

It took me a while to swallow the news.

I'm pregnant.

'Well, hello there someone that I have never met before. Welcome to my womb'.

This little stranger has a control over my life since then (especially my body).

About 7 more months until all these preggo symptom goes away! Hooraaah!

We can do this!

P.S: I called it Waffles for now.

Yours truly xxxx

Waffles: Hello people!