A puff away

I am a smoker, possibly an extreme one at some point.

Here's the good news, I'm quitting.

Quitting a habit is never easy.

Everyone has their reason why they initiated and eventually become smokers, may it be irrational. One common thing that every smoker knows is that, it is not good for us.

But we smoke anyway.

In Year 2012, I started for all the wrong reasons, managing stress as a postgraduate student.

And overtime, I can pinpoint why I'm still doing it:

1. Provides a quick adrenaline kick whenever requires

2. As a social integration

3. To feel relaxed and distressed

4. To feel good

With all the 'good' points above, Is it possible that we will quit for good?


Our strength will be replace with our family and friends' moral support. Because without cigarettes , we can be the most irritable version of the person you think you knew.

It will be a very difficult journey for the quitters and their supporters.

As a quitter -I want to be better for myself and everyone.

As a supporter - I want them (quitters) to be better for themselves and everyone.

The end results, we all have the same incentive , to have healthy positive surroundings.


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