A new chapter.

I personally used to blog on a daily basis way back, before I started to transform into a responsible adult.

Life has never been easy but if we keep on holding a good perspective to it, then life itself can be bearable overtime.

This year, this month, within two weeks, I'll be a married woman. I'm feeling a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, excitement and a little frightful too.

I have never thought the day would come that I'm finally getting married. I did fantasise a lot when I was younger but I stopped at one point.

Wedding preparation has taught me to be responsible to things I took for granted. Thanks to my loving parents who have been there for me no matter what.

My way of life has shifted dramatically, the way I spend financially, the way I use my free time and my perspectives, decision-makings, you name it. To say that I am the same person I was, I don't think I am as much. But I know one thing for sure, that I will always have that good intentions to make myself and surroundings better. If it's not for me, it's for my future children to come. To the world, we will heal you in time from all the madness because without you, we are nothing.

So, Hello again everyone. I'm back. X