December 30, 2016

There was a period in between that I wasn't putting too much hope to conceive a child of my own.

And it wasn't because I have had health complications. No, no.

It was the time that I had stopped hoping for a soulmate and if I live my life as a singleton, so be it. If I'm single, well, obviously, no baby will be popping out from me a...

December 29, 2016

I was never good at receiving surprises. Not even now.

My body felt severe fatigue for two days. The doctor wasn't too sure what caused it except stress, gave me some prescriptions and I took the two days off work.

The next following day, it happened again. I was confused, stressed and scared.

'What is wrong with me?'

I went back to t...

December 12, 2016

I was one out of million singles who had stopped looking and started to self improve.

My greatest escape from my temptation to be held by a significant other was diverted to cultural and self discovery through travelling.

The sights, the taste, the physical and emotional feels I have experienced through out those years of being singl...

December 4, 2016

It was my dream trip to head to Japan but I never thought it would have been this soon.

I was counting days, my mind was set on our honeymoon to Aussie. Oh dear husband had a surprise, a quick plan change.

'Bebe! Tickets are booked! Not to Melbourne.. *pause* We're going to Japan!' , all thrill and dandy.

I awkwardly smiled, let my mi...

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